Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Recipe Index

Asparagus & potato tart
Black truffle risotto

Carrot & parsnip crumble
Courgette, feta & tomato quiche tartlets

Egg & lentil curry
Hosomaki (sushi)
Inari-zushi (tofu pouch sushi)
Feta tabbouleh with aubergine
Meditteranean stuffed peppers with cauliflower mash
Mushroom & ricotta cannelloni
Omelette cannelloni with spinach filling
Onion chutney
Potted sandwich savouries (chicken)
Pumpkin pasties
Rice balls (onigiri)
Spinach, ricotta & pinenut strudel
Stuffed butternut squash
Tomato & mozzarella tart with basil-garlic crust

Fish & Seafood
Hae-mul pajeon (Korean seafood pancake)
New potato & smoked haddock crush
Nigiri-zushi (sushi)
Potted sandwich savouries (prawn)
Salmon pesto pinwheels

Smoked salmon potato salad

Cake, Cupcakes (& Cheesecake)
Caramel cake with salted caramelised butter frosting (Daring Bakers)
Carrot cake (the best I've found)
Cherry cheesecake slice
Chocolate orange layer cake
Chocolate peanut butter layer cake
Chocolate rum cake
Cookie-dough cupcakes
Earl Grey white chocolate chunk muffins
Filbert gateau with praline buttercream (Daring Bakers)
Great British (clotted cream & raspberry) cupcakes
Green tea Japanese cheesecake
Guiness cake (for Manly Men)
Hazelnut white chocolate cake
Jam crumb cake
Lemon meringue cake
London cheesecake
Perfect party cake (Daring Bakers)
Pineapple/peach upside-down cake
Praline cake
Quadruple chocolate cake
Snowball cupcakes
Strawberry streusel cake
Vanilla cupcakes
White chocolate & raspberry cheesecake
White chocolate & rosewater Opéra cake (Daring Bakers)

Bars & Cookies
Almond slices
Apple crumble bars
Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars
Cookie dough blondies
Donna Hay's blondies
Earl Grey tea biscuits
No-bake oatmeal chocolate fudge cookies of love
Outrageous chocolate cookies
Parson's pleasure
Peanut butter blondies
Salted oatmeal white chocolate cookies
Sugar cookies (decorations)
Tropical road bars

Pastry, Pies & Tarts
Apricot galette with brown sugar cinnamon pastry
Coconut cream pie
French lemon meringue tart
Pierre Hermé’s Chocolate Éclairs (Daring Bakers)
Strawberry & rhubarb cheesecake tart

Baked Desserts
Apple streusal
Blackberry not-a-cobbler
Butterscotch self-saucing pudding
Chocolate Queen of Puddings

Chilled Desserts & Ice Cream
Blackberry trifle
Brownie swirl ice cream
Coconut ice-cream
Pineapple sorbet
Raspberry & rose rice pudding

Apple pancakes
Cake balls (& hearts, & skulls, &...)
Carrot cake pancakes
Cheesecake pops (Daring Bakers)
Chocolate Christmas pudding
Dulce de Leche (microwave technique)
White chocolate berry gratin
Yoghurt scones

Lembas (The Lord of the Rings)
Raisin bread
Savoury breakfast bread
Spice bread
Stuffed focaccia with cheese & rocket

Abel & Cole produce box review
Sugarcraft flowers tutorial: Daisies & Primroses
Sugarcraft flowers tutorial: Roses & Leaves
The Melancholy Aubergine

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