Monday, 17 March 2008

For Manly Men

If I were a manly man/ If I were a manly maaaaaaann.../ I'd have --

Okay, this is what I like to call a family-friendly blog (I am quite obviously lying, as I don't recommend small children, pregnant women or the eldery be exposed to my terrible language. Next thing you know they're all on crazy rampages, and I don't want that to happen) so I'm not going to finish that particular song about manly men. Needless to say it goes on for several verses, and includes 'testosterone', 'a really really really really deep voice', 'chest hair', a liking of 'wrestling bears', 'really curly sideburns' and other such manly characteristics (my friends and I have a very accurate view of the world, along with our song-writing talents).

Anyway, it's common knowledge that one thing manly men DO do (when they're not wrestling bears or being unable to communicate emotions *sings* because I'm socially devoiiid!) is drink Guinness, the drink of Men. Men, and The Irish.

None of my friends are Irish Men (although some of them are one or the other - I'm thinking of the lovely Nirish here (the clue's in the name) or... Boy close enough) so since, at a strapping five foot two, I am the strongest and most manly of the group (sorry, Boy) I thought the time seemed right for a Guinness cake.

Technically it's a Guinness cake made with 'Irish Stout', but I am a Man, and to the Manly, that means Guinness.

I'm entering this in the St. Paddy's Day Pub Crawl event just because I can, even though I've seen several Guinness cake posts on other blogs, all far better than mine - but this is a Gary Rhodes recipe that I haven't seen on anyone else's blog, and it has a soft icing rather than a buttercream one. Actually I think the idea was to let the icing cool a bit and set over the top, ala a pint of Guinness, but I am Manly and Impatient, and couldn't be bothered waiting, basically. So it all ran over the sides and into the middle, because my cake sank. The bastard.

The icing is also oddly yellow, that's the other strange thing. It's mostly white chocolate, so I've no idea why this is. It was less yellow once it had set a bit (you can tell by the shine on the pictures that it hadn't set when I took them) but... hmm. Mysterious. Looks a bit like custard. I promise it isn't.

Guinness Cake (For Manly Men)
Recipe from Rhodes Around Britain by Gary Rhodes
Makes one 8-10" (20-25cm) cake (I used an 8.5" round tin)

225g butter
350g soft brown sugar
4 eggs, beaten
225g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tsps bicarbonate of soda
400ml stout (Guinness)
100g cocoa

1. Oven to 180C. Grease/ line your tin.

2. Cream butter & brown sugar til pale. Gradually add the beaten eggs. In a separate bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder and bicarb, and in a separate separate bowl mix the stout and cocoa powder (whee, volcano!). Now add the flour and stout mixes alternatively to the butter and eggs until completely and evenly bound. The consistency will be quite soft. I don't recommend you lick out the cocoa/stout bowl because it tastes FOUL. Stick with me.

2. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and bake in the oven for 1 hour - 1 hr-15 until done. (Mine didn't need more than an hour)You might need to cover it with foil after about fifty minutes or so to stop it browning too much, but with an almost-black cake it's hard to tell. Allow to cool before removing from the tin.

For the topping:

200g white chocolate
180g butter
1-2 measures whiskey

3. Melt the white chocolate and butter with the whiskey until just softened, then leave to cool. I mean it. Leave it to cool. Don't be like me. Spread it on top of the cake (clue: it should be spreadable). Unless you're feeling daring, you might also want to let the cake cool first, too.

Now cut yourself a manly hunk and toast St. Patrick!

Or at least walk around for twenty minutes or so going 'top o' the morning to ye, Moo! Oi be called Noirish, on account o' the fact tha' oi be Oirish! Oi drink Guinness by day, an' eat potatohs by noight!'.

Warning: Irish friends may not be as amused as you are.


Anonymous said...

Hah! Love it! My personal "manly maaaan" is actually is of Irish descent (thus the name, Todd) and he'll love this testosterone laden treat. But will it really give him more manly hairs? Cuz he's already go lots of hair on his arms already! No need for more. :)
He'll appreciate all the extra muscle pumpin sweets he can get!

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Haha. That looks really great! I'm so hungry. I want a slice! ; )

Anonymous said...

and whiskey in the glaze, no less! this really is the manliest of cakes. the only way to make it any manlier is to stuff it with a porterhouse steak, but that would probably make it tough to slice.

test it comm said...

With Guinness in the cake and whiskey in the icing, this cake sounds god. Perfect for St Patty's Day.

Pixie said...

great entry- now i need to find that song on youtube or did you just make it up? haha

Emily said...

That looks so beautiful and delicious. I want some! Great job.

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Stuff manly men. The cake has my name on it. Really. Oh, and I really don't mind whether it's sunk and the icing's gone weird. It's fine. Honest. I'll take it any way I can get it. ;)

Maria♥ said...

Indigo your Manly mannn cake looks great! My hubby is of Irish descent and his definitely a manly mann (just the way I like) ;o)


Anna said...

White on Rice Couple - sorry, but your Manly Man will be as hairy as the bears he wrestles after a few bites of this! This cake is the Men what spinach is to Pop-Eye (that makes you... Olive?) XD

Jessy, Kevin, Emiline - thankyou!

Michelle - ...I hope you realise that I'm now tempted to make a steak version as a joke present for my friend Boy (he is Not So Manly). Please, restrain me. =P

Pixie - I'm afraid the songwriting credits go to me and my friends... although if it's a hit we could release an album? XD

Flying Fork - Add a fake moustache and beard set and I'm sure you could get away with it. I'll let you off...

Maria - Irish AND Manly?! You win! It must be because of your own guinness cake, building him up... XD

Anonymous said...

Guinness is Mother's Milk!! My hubby will love this one cake and beer! Looks great! Hope you won!

Rosie said...

Love this cake Indigo with Guinness in the cake and whiskey in the icing this really does rock girl!! A really great entry for the pub crawl :)

Rosie x

Cakelaw said...

Yum - I think this cake is not just for manly men - I would love a slice!

eatme_delicious said...

Ooo yum I've been wanting to try baking with beer! Odd that your glaze turned yellow, maybe it was the whiskey?

Lori said...

I have been checking out your blog. I love your post on sushi. I would love to hear more about where you live. It sounds pretty cool.

I just bought some Guiness so I could try out your cake!

Anonymous said...

Top o the morning to ye Moo-min :P
This cake was truly amazing, I even had two slices (because the aformentioned "Boy" was not Manly enough to handle it! Speaking of twud be cruel to put steak in a cake for him as he is a Vegi!) Anyhoo all the luck of the irish to your fine self :)

Anonymous said...

wow! i have never seen anything like that before in my life. i'd love to taste it!

Peabody said...

Guiness cake kicks butt...for man or woman.