Sunday, 20 July 2008

Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries

I imagine that as around 80% of you read this, you are basking in glorious heat. Perhaps you are steaming from the red-hot lasers of the sun's rays. Perhaps you are too weak to lift your eyelids, and are instead resting your sweaty forehead against your computer screens in exhaustion, attempting to comprehend what I'm blathering on about now. Perhaps you are flailing in agony as your blood boils in your very veins.

Yeah? Well, screw you. I'm bloody freezing, and my skylight has started to leak. Welcome to the UK.

It may be monsoon season here, but it's not all bad news. For starters; we're awash (boom boom) with fresh fruit. Strawberries, raspberries, cherries... which apparently aren't berries, despite deceptive rhyming. I genuinely didn't know that, although I suppose the lack of 'berry' at the end of the name should have given it away.

Something else I didn't know about cherries: they apparently reduce your chances of developing diabetes!

The amount of sugar I live on probably significantly increases my chance of developing diabetes. Thus, I have found the perfect solution:

Cherry cheesecake!

No, listen. I have a scientific basis for this, and everything. The cherries, right, counter-act the sugar in the cheesecake. Therefore, you have a completely neutral chance of developing health problems as a result of overindulgence. And by the same logic, surely, the cherries counteract any calories or fat in the cheesecake? You could eat this entire cheesecake, yes, and have effectively consumed nothing at all. Therefore it follows that you absolutely should eat as much cherry cheesecake as possible (within the limits of your stomach exploding, which my cherry vs. sugar hypothesis doesn't cover). **

I've sort of lost my scientific link now, haven't I?

**Disclaimer: Indigo has pulled this out of her arse as an excuse to singlehandedly demolish a cheesecake intended to feed eight people, and takes no responsibility for cavities/diabetes/obesity/stomach-explosion that may occur as a result of you taking her scientific argument too literally. Not that any of those things will occur. Provided you eat enough cherries.

'Ent science a beautiful thing?

There's only one thing better than science. And that's cheesecake.

Cherry Cheesecake Slice
Recipe from BBC Good Food
Follow the link!

A couple of things. 1) Use good quality shortbread biscuits, not rubbishy ones (I have done it both ways, and it makes a difference. The photos are the cheap biscuits - what, I'm a cheap person - but with the nice ones you get a lovely crumbly buttery cheesecake base, so much better than regular digestives.) and 2)Don't put in the oven and then go off to watch telly and completely forget about it - I saved it more-or-less in time, but it wasn't as good as the first time I made it.

Still good though. Still sugar-neutal, this-isn't-going-kill-you, Indy-should-quit-science amounts of Good. Ohh yes.


Anonymous said...

Well this looks so amazing and I am so sorry for your freezing least you are keeping yourself busy with some great treats!

Lori said...

I laughed my way through your post, you crazy girl! That looks absolutely amazing. Can I have a slice of that, sheerly for my health, you know my avoidance of diabetes.

grace said...

the term "food porn" doesn't even begin to cover these photos. why must you torture me so? this is pure decadence--nicely done. you and i would've done battle over those eight servings. :)

Katie said...

I like the way you think. Sorry you can't be part of our heat wave but that just means you can turn on the oven with out any worries. How I wish I had a piece of that cheesecake right now.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I'm one of the 80% with glorious heat, so a cold cheesecake that is good for my health (or at least not bad) would be soooooooo good right now. Do you take orders?

test it comm said...

That cherry cheesecake looks so good!

Brilynn said...

I'll support that scientific theory because it's clearly founded in deliciousness and that's all that matters!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your freezing temperatures. Nothing like a plate of cheery cherry cheesecake to perk you up!

Y said...

I'm part of the 20%, currently experiencing freezing temperatures also... the difference being, we're actually in Winter at the moment! (the English boys in my kitchen call it a "nice Summer's day" !).

Have also done the "pop it in the oven and then go watch tv only to completely forget about it" thing way too many times myself. Bad, very bad! :D

eatme_delicious said...

Mmm yum looks delicious! And that is some great logic for eating an entire cheesecake.

Abitofafoodie said...

I'm not keen on cherries, but you know, with all that great science, I might just have to give this a go. Who knew that cheesecake could be so good for you?!

Maria♥ said...

Wow this looks absolutely delish..I'm going to make this!