Thursday, 10 January 2008

Completely Unprepared For 2008...

Alright, so as you might guess from the distinctly low-labour-intensive photographs, I'm not exactly starting 2008 on a great note, food-blogging wise. But as we're over a week in now, and I'm officially back at school and everything (D=) I thought I'd throw myself at your feet here, completely unprepared, just to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2008 is going as planned, so far.

Obviously it isn't going as planned for me, seeing as I haven't planned anything. At all. Ever. It's not that I'm not eating anything at the moment (or at least, so my thighs tell me), it's just that -in the after-Christmas slump - my family is mostly eating up the freezer at the moment (not literally, although I hear they're high in fibre). So no one's been doing a lot of cooking or baking round here.

But things are set to change! And since one of my New Year's Resolutions is to be a more regular blogger (okay, I probably shouldn't have told anyone that; now I have no excuse for forgetting), a real recipe will be coming soon. Probably in place of Psychology revision, for me. Hm.

PS: The photos? Yeah, I know they're only jelly beans, but I was pretty happy over them. By way of explanation, I was practising photography with reference to this great tutorial at Kitchen Wench. Thankyou Ellie!


Cakespy said...

The jelly beans are reminding me to feel festive even when it's rainy and bummer-ish outside :-)

Anonymous said...

Those are some gorgeous jelly-beans, I'm glad that you've found the photography posts helpful so far ;)

Ellie @ Kitchen Wench